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Learning to love and gift myself with kindness today!

Dear Precious Being,

My musing this week is on learning to love and be kind to myself. The best gift to give someone is to give them back what they have given you, their love, kindness, thoughtfulness, service, acceptance. What to make of pain, the ache in the heart, the disturbed psyche! Perhaps the sacredness of pain, that is each pain we are given is an invitation to awaken to consciousness.

learning to love

We must wake up!

Anthony De Mello writing about Awareness, says we are all sleepwalking and as a people we need to wake up. So, every day, morning, moment, there is an invitation to dance with life, to grow psychologically. There is an opportunity to open to a masterplan, the possibility of a Divine destiny. Life is presenting itself as an intricate piece of lacework that is woven into mystery.

I ask myself, what is my truth? What is my mission?

Is it to bring love, to show love, to be love! Am I here to bring gentleness, compassion, patience, kindness, tolerance! Am I here to mirror my goodness, my sacredness so that another recognises and knows their own goodness and their ownership of their sacredness as a human being at work.


Is my mission to bring love, to show love, to be love?


“Tenderness, like a million feathers for my heart to fall back into again and again, to be caressed and held,

An ocean of compassion to drown in again and again, to be saved,

A blanket of forgiveness that covers every bit of me and infuses a warm salve to heal the wounds

A foetal sack of patience, that nourishes and feeds me, restrains and protects, while I’m waiting to

be reborn,

Lightness and joy, like billions of butterflies escorting me to a higher place within myself.”



Lightness & joy


Learning to Love.

Dear Precious Being,

You are a gift to the world, you make a difference,

– Christine

Christine and Tom will be facilitating the next Home Coming – Inner Child Workshop at New Beginnings Holistic Centre on Sunday 27 th May 2017. Please visit for details.

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