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Looking at the Moon and the Dawn Chorus


Dear Precious Being,

She wrote in her journal on 25 th May 2005 – “it is 5.00am on Good Friday and I cannot sleep, maybe it is because there is a full moon. There is nothing troubling me that I am aware of. I am fully at peace as I contemplate the lunar light outside and the heavenly picture as she shines through the trees outside and lights the living room where I sit in the armchair beside the window with my mug of tea.


Gratitude for nature


As I sit and ponder, I am aware of the first stirrings of my feathered friends, the blackbirds, and how little by little the wake-up call grows until the place is infused with birdsong. My heart is lifted and connected with Spirit in the joyous, life-giving sounds that surround me in this moment. The beauty inspires me. As I reflect on my surroundings I am filled with gratitude for the beauty of the garden shrubs and flowers that are bursting into blossom.



The beauty of flowers bursting into blossom


It is amazing to witness each day the further movement of these allies of ours, as they move toward their potential and completion of their cycles in nature. Tears come to my eyes as I revel in the magic and mystery that surrounds me and is reflected within also. This time of day is so peaceful. One of our cats “Willard” comes to check out what is happening and stretches his sleek black body with ease and grace. This reminds me to continue my resolution to become fitter and leaner. My body is struggling these days as I get older, my aching limbs and muscles are reminders of lack of exercise. Once again, I promise my body I will listen to its protest and its needs.

We must listen to our body

We must listen to our body and care for its needs


As morning arrives I give thanks for all that is good in my life and for all that is challenging me at present. I ask for the grace needed and know I am being supported. I look for the moon again and I feel disappointed when I can’t find her. She is gone. I think to myself, she is gone home now after lighting our way and overseeing her children during the night. She is gone home to call her husband, the sun, to take over now. As I look out now, for a moment she peers through a cloud, as if to wink at me. Oh, the mischievous grandmother. I feel acknowledged in some way, as if she is communicating and honouring me, or perhaps my appreciation of her presence in the night.

dawn chorus

Morning arrives


It is time to rest now. I am happy to go and snuggle into my beloved who is sleeping in our warm cosy bed. I am such a lucky woman.”

Listen to the Dawn Chorus

Dear Precious Being, it is that time of year when we listen to the dawn chorus, are you listening to nature’s song?

– Christine

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