Inner Child Workshop – 6 CPD Hours

Inner Child Workshop

It is becoming clearer to psychologists, therapists and healers that the inner child has more of an influence over our lives than we were previously aware. This part, although living in our subconscious mind, is a living conscious part. It is the child we once were and it holds all our hurts, disappointments, traumas, anger, negative feelings and sadness.

We may not all have experienced trauma or extreme difficulties, but we have all experienced upset and possibly hurt to a greater or lesser degree. Often these past pains are reflected in our current life circumstances. That bout of depression, that anxiety, those panic feelings, those critical thoughts, those issues with food, that fear of intimacy and so on. These are all brought on by your inner child, because that part has not healed and it wants you to know. It wants you to go back and give it a hug, it wants you to listen and help, and it wants your love. When upsetting or sad things happen to us as children we don’t just forget about it. It becomes suppressed within us, and at a later date will manifest as illness, bad days, the blues, anger, fears, self-sabotage or something else.

So to undo the conditioning or upsets from the past we have to connect with our inner child, we then have to help heal this part which will in turn free us from all that seems to disable us.

Connecting with the inner child is a relatively easy exercise which you can do right in this moment. To fully heal your inner child takes time and possibly the revisiting of many childhood memories where you would help the child to release trauma, pain or even something little which felt big to you as a child at the time. This form of healing is hugely valuable and can change your life in an instant.   We identify fears that we have had for years and learn to love and accept ourselves from an adult perspective.

We build upon our fragile self-esteem and learn to comfort ourselves in healthy new ways. Your inner child wants your adult self to give it love, attention, acceptance, and protection. It is fragile and vulnerable.

This inner child is playful, fun, and very creative. Many of us have rejected our own inner child and need to go within to find and then nurture this fragile entity within us. This is a process and takes some time to do. If you are open to the process of healing and integration that will reconnect you to your amazing inner child you need to realise that this can be a frightening process. Several negative and sometimes terrifying feelings can resurface from within. Again, one must be responsible enough to self- monitor and to know when it is time to seek out a therapist for the appropriate help.

 The goal of inner-child work is to bring out the beautiful, precious inner child and learn to love it as a parent loves a child. Once these lost parts have been acknowledged, accepted, and feel safe you will begin to feel more “whole” and find a sense of joy and happiness that you never felt before.


Tom and Christine Moran, MA, MIACP, MNAPCP, experienced facilitators, counsellors/ psychotherapists and supervisors.


“I find it amazing that as I come up to 60 years of age that I am not sorted and that there is this inner child integration work still to do. Where do I go for help? Tom and Christine Moran are not only very well qualified in this field, but from my own experience are also very empathetic facilitators. I am very happy to recommend them to you.”
– Edward

“Many thanks for your kind welcome and generosity  on Sunday 21st January 2018 at the Inner Child Workshop. I had a wonderful experience and was blown away by your kindness and professionalism. I gained a great deal from the day and thoroughly enjoyed it. – Suzanne

“As I drove home from the inner child workshop on a Winter’s evening in January there was joy in my heart and a sense of renewal and re-birth. A beautiful touching experience in a tranquil setting facilitated by two warm hearts – Thank you.” – Edel


“Although this workshop was difficult for me, I felt supported by the facilitators and the setting was beautiful for the deep therapeutic work we were doing. It was a safe and powerful experience. Thank you both.”     – Emma

“In January 2018 I attended an inner child workshop facilitated by Christine & Tom Moran. On my journey there I was feeling anxious and unsure almost afraid of what to expect. When I arrived at the new beginnings centre, my fears were alleviated immediately; it was lovely to be greeted with the smell of fresh coffee and homemade scones.  

We were all invited into the purpose built dome, my breath was taken away, I loved it. As the session went on I don’t know what had taken me over “was it the gentle music, the safety of the group”   or a connection with my inner child, I found the warmest healing tears come down my face. I am struggling to put the feeling into words of what I experienced, the freedom and the joy I felt was amazing. Later in the session I connected with the 5 yr old within me and to give her a voice was powerful.  

I can still connect with the feelings the healing; the freedom that I got in touch with on the day. I promised myself and my inner child on the day that I will never allow anyone to Shame, Hurt, or humiliate or disrespect me ever again. Thank you to all at new beginnings for providing me with such a safe loving healing place to connect with the whole of me.  I love me.”   –  Sylvia

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