ICPPD – The International College for Personal and Professional Development

ICPPD – The International College for Personal and Professional Development was founded in 2009, by Christine and Tom Moran, having evolved out of New Beginnings Counselling Ltd, a professional, compassionate, confidential not-for-profit counselling service established by Tom and Christine Moran. New Beginnings provides a counselling service to individuals, couples and other professionals in the Midland area for almost twenty years now. Tom Moran is President of the International College for Personal and Professional Development.

ICPPD was founded to develop training and education services, while allowing New Beginnings to focus on offering counselling and supervision services. ICPPD is a leader in the field of personal and professional development for members of the public and for professionals in the caring and helping arena.

ICPPD attracts people who appreciate a holistic perspective to helping and healing. Courses at ICPPD are person-centred and holistic with emphasis on creativity and scholarly activity. More and more clients of today are asking for an integrated holistic approach to matters of health and well-being. The ICPPD graduate practitioner will be there to meet this emerging need.

The programmes offered are rooted in the humanistic tradition and the focus is on meeting the learner on a physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and behavioural level.

The College is particularly, although not exclusively, focused on delivering academic programmes, and supporting professional training, in psychological therapies where there are definite growth possibilities. Supporting psychological therapists in their further development and knowledge base in academic knowledge, clinical practice and research are uppermost in the ICPPD’s vision, as this meets an expressed need.

ICPPD is cognisant of our responsibilities as an education provider under the current Equal Status Act 2000-2018 and will provide reasonable accommodations to facilitate participation on ICPPD programmes as outlined in the ICPPD Quality Assurance ManualDisability  Policy and Supports for Learners with Additional Needs.

ICPPD is now a key provider in this area and has formally engaged with QQI and the relevant professional bodies, including IACP.

These organisations have validated and accredited courses and programmes at ICPPD.


ICPPD has developed a reputation for the excellence of its current programmes, the relevance of its curricula, the success of its adult learners in achieving their academic and career objectives, the quality of its scholarship, research and creative activities, and its overall commitment to accessibility, lifelong learning, and progression routes.

The College strives to provide high-quality, relevant, academically rigorous programmes in a learner-centred environment that emphasises experiential learning in collaboration with partners and associates.

In addition to these academic programmes, to support the ongoing achievement of professional body accreditation, ICPPD offers a series of CPD and supplementary courses to support learners and accredited professionals.

Our Logo

ICPPD - A College with a Difference

Our logo is the circle in which are seven interlocking discs. The circle illustrates and symbolises the idea of cycles, a continuous journey. The interlocking discs depict the holistic emblem of connection, inclusion, nurturance, empowerment, integration, community and interconnectedness. It also represents the many aspects of the self and the concept of balance and wholeness, and more. This supports the holistic ethos and philosophy of ICPPD.


  • Holistic Philosophy: body, mind, spirit approach
  • Accredited professional qualification in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy with IACP
  • Recognised academic qualification validated by QQI
  • Creativity, spirituality and inclusivity promote an holistic ethos
  • Small class size for more personal interaction and experience
  • Nurturing environment conducive to learning
  • Excellent teaching staff, experts in their field and are practicing counsellors/psychotherapists/supervisors
  • Approachable and accessible administration team
  • Competitively priced payment programmes and payment plans available for learners.
  • Programmes delviered in Athlone, Galway and Dublin