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Celebrating Spring and fresh ideas!

Dear Precious Being,

This message is for anyone, for all ages who are interested in learning and supporting each other. For anyone willing to explore and discuss, to talk, sing, dance and honour each other as creative, amazing human beings.

celebrate spring

Dandelion tea is a natural diuretic.

You might like to go out to your garden or roadside and pick some fresh nettles or dandelion and make yourself an herbal tea. Our grandmothers knew to gather these young nettles in the spring as a tonic for blood and dandelion were not called ‘piss in the beds’ for nothing. Drinking dandelion tea is a natural diuretic. Enjoy natures best this week. Let me know how you get on.

Spring brings a stretch in the evening

Spring brings a stretch in the evening


As spring is in the air and days stretch into longer evenings I am reminded of indigenous beliefs. Honouring the agricultural calendar year, the ancient festival of Imbolc which announced Spring on 1 st February. This then became Saint Brigid’s Day.



Snowdrops in Spring

Spring is a time of new growth and mother earth is awakening and looking after us with new buds on trees, snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells. Ask yourself – what new seeds of thought, new ideas, new beginnings are you birthing this year? What inspiration are you giving and receiving from others?


Celebrating Spring

Let go of expectations and instead cultivate and express – your wishes, hopes, desires and preference, for yourself, others and our global community and environment. I love ritual and I go outdoors and I turn to the Spring and the direction of the East also representing the element of Air and wind – I ring bells to announce her arrival, I burn incense to honour her loving essence, I tie yellow ribbons on the old oak tree, the door to the underworld.

Celebrating Spring


Celebrating Spring

I salute the mental body and its kaleidoscope of thoughts. I observe birds building nests, spiders’ webs like dream-catchers, a hawk soaring overhead that is symbolic of freedom to me. Finally, I sit and breathe. I breathe loving breaths that support my well-being. I send loving breath to all beings.

Dear Precious Being,

May your breath remind you of the life-force within you, a loving force always waiting for you. May Brigid, Healer, Goddess and Saint be with you. May you feel her gentleness and strength each day this spring.

– Christine

Christine is Academic Director, Programme Leader, Tutor and Founder of ICPPD

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