‘Celebration’ – by Aidan Ryan, ICPPD learner (Aidan brought the group together on Friday evening with his Reflection as follows)

My reflection this evening is about celebration, so I am inviting you to journey with me for a few minutes while we celebrate our ‘selves’

Relax now – sit back – get comfortable – let the shoulders go – allow your eyes to close if they wish – allow the chair to take your weight – allow it to support you – that is what it wants to do – allow it!

Feel your feet on the floor – notice its solidity – allow it to support you – that is what it wants to do – allow it!

Notice your breathing

Notice how your body just breathes on its own

Now that you’ve noticed your breathing you may decide to slow it down – or take bigger breaths – or alter the rhythm in some way – but it’s all going on nonetheless – notice it – get into the rhythm of it – get into your own groove – get into your flow

Think for a moment how the room is supporting us – effortlessly!

The house is supported by the earth

And the earth is held effortlessly by the universe – the stars are up there now behind the daylight – we are part of this great vastness – we belong here!

Breathe the free air and celebrate it!

When we consider this room we note its size, its décor, the doors and windows – but we forget its essence – we forget the infinite and eternal space that it occupies – we forget our own essence too – the life that animates our bodies – we are familiar with our bodies and we think that we know our minds – but we forget our eternal and infinite spirit

Celebrate your boundless free spirit – celebrate it! – celebrate it!    

Celebrate your body – it serves you so well and it’s always right – it allows you to experience the world through the senses – it is a miraculous balance of wondrous functioning – celebrate it! – celebrate it!

Celebrate your knowing – the things you just know – and have always known – celebrate your ability to make sense and order of the world – celebrate it! – celebrate it!

Celebrate your uniqueness – your individuality – your specialness – there is nobody like you – and you will never reoccur in this universe – celebrate it! – celebrate it!

Celebrate the way you operate – the little things that make you different – the way you sit – the way you eat –  walk – talk – dress – sing – dance – smile – cry – your angry face – your curious face – your sleepy face – celebrate it! – celebrate it!

Celebrate your emotions – attend to them – they call for motion towards self-care – to feel is part of our humanity – celebrate it! – celebrate it!

Celebrate your zest for life – the life in you – the ‘go’ in you – the hope in you – the dreams you hold – celebrate it! – celebrate it!

Celebrate your creativity – every word – thought – action – response – desire – dream – feeling, is your creation – celebrate it! – celebrate it!  

We are here in this space at this time to learn – to grow – to laugh – to cry – to heal – to expand – to be – to allow what we’ve always known to emerge – we have arrived from two journeys – the one we started when we awoke this morning back from the source – and the one we started the second we were born – welcome yourself – say well done – celebrate your arrival – we are here – together – all is well – celebrate it! – celebrate it!


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