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Indulge Your Senses Today with Mindfulness

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Dear Precious Being,

This week’s blog is to remind me to move; use the stairs; clean the tunnel for planting and what I really want to say is – let’s dance this week!

Mindfulness through dance
Use dance to get energised and tune into your body

For me dancing releases tension. It brings me in contact with my body and therefore helps me tune into it. Movement grounds me, energises me and helps get the vital life-juices flowing. The sap of enthusiasm and motivation. How is your sense of taste today? How do you taste your life? Do you? What did you taste today? Tears, rain! What new tastes did you experience recently? What do you love the taste of? What have you not tasted yet?

Would you try a mindfulness experiment?

In mindfulness class I use a mandarin orange. We take the time with eyes closed, to feel the texture of the orange, to smell its specific aroma, to notice the smell intensifying as we little by little peel the fruit. Mindfully pulling the fleshy segments apart we notice the saliva in our mouths and throat being activated. Opening our mouth to receive a piece of orange, allowing ourselves to experience it on our tongue and then tasting the bursts of juice and finally swallowing it appreciating the sensations and the aftertaste. Being grateful for this gift of earth and body as we ingest this piece of sunshine. At Christmas and Hallowe’en, a large orange covered in cloves is festive and aromatic.

Use an orange for mindfulness
The taste, texture and smell of an orange for a mindfulness experiment

 Here is a recipe for a Bread and Butter pudding:

My mother used to make this when food was scarce. Layer slices of white bread, raisins, jam if you wish, add 2 cups of milk, 2 cups of cream, vanilla essence. Put into a buttered oven-proof dish. Leave to soak and bake. Serve with custard or cream or ice-cream or all. Enjoy!

Bread and butter pudding (image source:

Dear Precious Being,

Using your senses, may you mindfully hear, see, smell, taste and touch the moment fully.