ICPPD offers a Professional Diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy

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“Everyone wants to understand art. Why not try to understand the songs of a bird?”Pablo Picasso

ICPPD is offering again this academic year, a 1-year Professional Diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy, described as ‘unique and pioneering in Ireland’.  This Diploma in Expressive Arts programme, delivered over 10 days, is for professionals, or others interested in using creative processes to support expression with clients they are working with.


“Expressive Art is about art making, the process of self-expression through movement, music, dance, art, clay, writing and other media. These forms of expression are used as a way of crafting what is in our psyche, soul, as a means of energetic release for well being. Each time I facilitate a workshop or class on Expressive arts I feel more alive, in touch with my body, with my life force. I am nourished by the day and the time spent with others who are embracing and participating. 

It is a privilege to witness and to hear the feedback from participant’s experiences of healing, connecting with self, rediscovering lost aspects and there is enjoyment and fun.” 

Professional Diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy -Testimonials

“The course unfolded like a journey, a journey that began in Jungian depths and rose to Expressive Arts heights. A journey that finished sooner than I would have liked but the effect of which is lasting. I am aware of the accelerated growth that working within a group engenders, but I found that the addition of Expressive Arts boosted the learning AMAZINGLY, within a safe and caring environment.” – Liz Moffatt

“When words don’t come easy and one’s voice becomes one’s shadow …. discovering ways of expressing oneself  through the language of Art; colour ; sound; movement; song and poetry, has been empowering. A journey well worth experiencing and a course I would highly recommend”.  – Martina Gibbons


Diploma in Expressive Arts with ICPPD

ICPPD offers a unique and pioneering Professional Diploma in Expressive Arts

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