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 Dear Precious Being,

Psychosynthesis is a therapeutic approach that derives from psychoanalysis. It was developed in the early 20th century by Italian psychiatrist, Roberto Assagioli, who unlike Freud believed in a more inclusive concept of humanity – one that integrated spiritual as well psychological elements.

robert assagioli Psychosynthesis

The spirit of Psychosynthesis is the underlying philosophy and lived ethos of all our academic and professional offerings at ICPPD in Athlone and our outreach centres in Dublin and Galway. This ethos is supported by all at our college, including tutors and administrative staff.


Assagioli (1965), the founder of Psychosynthesis, defined subpersonalities as “the functions of an individual in whom various psychological traits are not integrated…One should become clearly aware of these subpersonalities because this evokes a measure of understanding of the meaning of Psychosynthesis, and how it is possible to synthesize these subpersonalities into a larger organic whole without repressing any of the useful traits”.

Judy, my inner judge aspect says “um, Christine, who do you think you are, and how are you going to be able to articulate your view?” Sophie, my kind loving wise aspect says “ah, Christine, breathe, you are wonderful, let your light shine, be yourself, that’s enough, you are enough!”

In wholeness and synthesis, I take both aspects in my loving arms and thank them both.

I relax, all is well in this moment. As Assagioli said – “There is no such thing as certainty, only adventure”.

Take care of your beautiful self,


[References: Assagioli, R. (1965). Psychosynthesis. New York: The Viking Press (p. 75)]

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