Starting a new course? You got this! 


A letter to myself starting the add on Year 4 – Olivia Feehan

Dear Lovely,

This upcoming year will be a journey.  Your commitment to your choice to be here will be tested.  You will question everything that you already know, or feel how little you actually know.  Self-doubt will creep in, especially in the first couple of months. Questioning your place in the group, with all these people more qualified, more educated, more experienced than you. (It’s okay they feel that way too!) 

You will experience all of the feelings under the sun from the elated to the lowest low – and then some more. You may lie in bed wondering can you psychically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually do this year.  You will think about the possibility of quitting at least three times before Christmas. (Yes this is actually normal). This year will be like no other you have put in – experientially, academically, creatively.

You can ebb and flow with the process or you can resist, of course resisting is a normal part too.  My invitation is when the resistance arrives – explore it. This year can lead you to expansion, expansion of every aspect of your being. You are worthy of your place in this group, you belong here. You have a place at the table, so show up, be present, take risks, question, be vulnerable. Of course you will get stuck in places – reach out for support – ask, receive, give. 

You are on an individual process and you are part of a community. These are your brothers and sisters this year, lean on each other. Make the most of all the resources offered to you. Mind yourself through the year, listen to your mind, heart, body and spirit. It is a long, fast year minding yourself is a non-negotiable. And above all else, because yes this year will be one of the most challenging of your life, don’t forget to laugh.  Humour has its place at the table too. 

 Allow love to carry you through this year. You got this! 

Writen by Olivia Feehan, ICPPD student, 1 year add-on BA(Hons) in Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy – Level 8

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