A Reflection on being a Therapist by ICPPD Graduate

Trusting and Sometimes Forgetting

(a Reflection on being a Therapist)


Mary Spring

Meeting the other.

Being surprised by

meeting myself in the other.

Trusting and sometimes forgetting

to rest in what I cannot see.

Trusting and sometimes forgetting

to allow for mystery that is inherent in a process

where two hearts meet –

the listened to and the listening heart.

Trusting and sometimes forgetting

to rest in the dynamics of resistance

and the gentle, undiminishing probe

as two worlds sometimes collide

and sometimes collude

and where

goodness, beauty, courage

and worthiness

come out from the shadows

in what is, perhaps,

a sacred encounter.

In the midst of all of this

I sometimes trust and sometimes I forget to trust.

– A reflection from ICPPD graduate Mary Spring. See our upcoming BA interviews at ICPPD


  1. Sylvia

    Beautiful Mary. X

  2. Christine

    Thank you Mary for this thoughtful piece.

  3. Janet O'Donnell


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