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New Stories and New Adventures

New Stories and New Adventures by Christine Moran

Our purpose in life is to make a positive difference in the world and live a deeply satisfying life, or is it the other way around. Perhaps we need to restore, or re-story our life adventure. Adventure begins from doom and gloom, from sad times in our lives. Harry Potter begins his adventure from the cupboard under the stairs. Stories like this have been told for thousands of years. The beginningis difficult and dangerous but then something happens and there is a turning point. These stories are not told for entertainment only, they are told because they transmit an important feature of resilience.

The beginning of a journey can be difficult

Can we inhabit being in a story of adventure at this time in history, in our world, in our lives? What is the dominant thing that might get in our way, where we feel we don’t, or can not improve anything
and so we continue where we are, doing the same thing, with, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know kind of attitude. Joseph Campbell writer tells us that stories usually begin from ordinary places, there is often a major threat to us, we realise that things, our world as we know it is falling apart and we get stuck in this or we make a change.

Some things can get in our way


The main character in stories responds by coming out declaring – I am going to do something about this. A larger story begins; there is a creative response, and learning from evidence from previous history and stories. We step into our new story where our heart is taking us and we decide to go with it. We get into the flow and trust a continual process. Everything can change and we cultivate this, we know that upset, confusion and crisis are often steps in the journey.

We cultivate the qualities that will support us. What are the stories we tell ourselves then, are they inspirational, depressing, confusing? We realise there is a vulnerable stage, for example, the snake in shedding its old skin wrestles and patiently waits for this new skin to happen. A crisis in our lives, hitting rock bottom, can activate the alarm we need to hear, sometimes before we get there we can “wake up” to the need for change. Remember we are always aiming for progress and not perfection.

Are you interested in your next adventure?
Are you an agent of change?
Are you preparing to create the next chapter of your story?
– I know I am !

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  1. Sylvia

    Beautiful. As always very inspirational. Thanks Christine. X

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