ICPPD 12th Anniversary


On July 12th 2010, ICPPD opened our doors of our college for the first time. A small team got everything off the ground inspired by the vision of founders Christine and Tom Moran. This team was the epitome of multi-tasking, taking on the marketing, administration, enrolment, programme delivery – even the catering and washing up duties! 12 years later we celebrated in our new offices at headquarters in Athlone. On 12th July 2022. The ICPPD Board of Directors joined the office staff for a celebratory morning coffee and cake.

ICPPD was formed out of a need to create a learning environment where people were valued and affirmed for their life experiences and academic achievements. From the initial offerings of a Foundation Course in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy and Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy, ICPPD has earned a reputation for learner care and academic excellence.

The ICPPD journey from inception was reminisced on by all present. Inevitably there were challenges and bumps on the road along the way but these were navigated successfully. We celebrate the position of ICPPD in 2022 as a leading provider of of accredited personal and professional programmes with a difference. On the journey, ICPPD has benefitted from the support of numerous  individuals who believed in the college. In 2022, we have an office staff team of 5, support of Academic Board and Board of Directors.

The achievements over the years include gaining IACP course accreditations and QQI validation of BA programmes. However, it is the achievements of our learners that brings the greatest joy and fulfilment culminating each academic year in our graduation ceremonies.