Athlone, Dublin & Galway

Gratitude at ICPPD in September 2021


Today I am reflecting on gratitude, one of the transpersonal qualities of Psychosynthesis. It is mid-September here at ICPPD. Our classes are full, and we are offering a blended approach to learning this academic year. I feel grateful that we were able to continue our classes last year online via Zoom. This was a new experience for all involved. I would like to commend our tutoring staff and the way they embraced change and adapted to online delivery with a creative and enthusiastic attitude. This was mirrored by our adult learners who accepted the challenge and opportunity to engage in learning from and through a different mode. We made it through to now.

Now, we are embracing change again as we proceed to coming back to classroom experiences and seeing and meeting each other for the first time in body. As a tutor I really want to express my gratitude to the adult learners who are expressing their anxiety about entering the world, the classroom and the challenges involved as they accept their changing reality and shift their energy to support themselves moving forward. I am grateful to my own network of support who are there for me as I negotiate and allow myself to feel uncertainty, new stress, new pressures along with new hopes and dreams.

What are you most grateful for in your life today? How can you celebrate this sense of gratefulness?

Personally, today, I will say thank you to people who have been there for me, who love me, who accept my difficulties and literacy with technology and continue to help me, who open a door for me, who let me out in traffic at the roundabout.

I will endeavour to cultivate an attitude of respect for my work colleagues, acknowledging we are all doing the best we can at this moment. I feel so full of gratitude for being alive in this moment today that that I wish to build a beloved community, I have a deep desire to let go of competitiveness and petty difficulties and to find joyful shared achievements.

Let your life be a reflection on the questions that matter to you and allow your moments to be a perfectly imperfect practice ground for exploring the possibilities that call to your heart. May gratitude be your guide today. I wonder where it will take you by nightfall!

In grateful connection,