COVID 19 Update – 25th March 2020


ICPPD is committed to safeguarding the health, safety and wellbeing of the ICPPD Community – learners, tutors, administration and support staff. The College will strive to ensure that the educational experience of learners will continue where possible bearing in mind that there will be unavoidable disruption to both delivery modes and assessment processes in the coming weeks.


Contact information:

Communication with ICPPD should be conducted primarily by email.

Learners are encouraged to maintain contact with the college through the means above and may also contact the Academic Director, their Programme Leaders and Tutors by email.

The main college telephone number continues to operate, however, with staff working remotely it will not always be possible to answer calls directly. Voicemail messages will be responded to as soon as possible.


Programme Delivery:

Following the announcement that was made by the Taoiseach on 24th March 2020 for schools, colleges and universities to remain closed until the 19th of April 2020, ICPPD’s Programme Team and Academic Director have reviewed the modules due for delivery for the remainder of the academic year. Modules which are suitable for delivering online have been identified. Classes which have been cancelled are currently being delivered virtually using the Zoom platform and by providing additional resources and learners via the VLE, Moodle.

Class groups are being contacted directly and will be updated as the situation changes.

Due to the experiential nature of certain modules (skills, experiential and process modules), some classes will be re-scheduled as soon as government advice indicates that we may do so.

The Programme Team are consulting and reviewing on an ongoing basis, the effectiveness of the virtual classroom delivery, taking into account feedback from learners and tutors.

Should the restrictions be extended beyond 19th April, the college will continue to monitor and deliver via virtual/online methods.

The aim is to complete delivery of modules where possible, achieving learning outcomes and facilitating assessment. Timetables will be re-issued as soon as it is envisaged that in-class delivery can resume.


Changes to Assessments:

The assessment schedule for modules will remain as stated in college timetables unless advised otherwise by Academic Director, Programme Leaders or programme tutors.  In-class Skills Assessments will take place in relevant modules when these classes are re-scheduled.

Modules intended to be assessed by means of written examination have been reviewed by the Programme Team. It has been decided to change the assessment from a written examination to continuous assessment. Details will be made available to learners by the Academic Director and relevant tutors.


Clinical Placement:

ICPPD recognises that the situation has impacted also on learners’ personal therapy, external supervision, your clinical placement and clinical work with clients – we are committed to supporting you to achieve both your academic and professional requirements and to ease your progression as efficiently and ethically as possible.

ICPPD in line with IACP notifications are continuing to support our learners to meet Clinical Placement’s demands so that they continue to support clients currently. Our learners in year 3, have received some ‘online therapy’ training and are approved to provide online counselling at this time. This is reviewed regularly.

Sessions with In-house Supervisor will continue remotely as per timetables.