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Treating the Self


“Using your right hand from the tip of your little finger on your left hand, bring your hand gently up the outside of your left arm to your shoulder, across shoulder and down to your heart, where you rest your hand gently – do this while saying the following words to yourself – I truly and fully accept and love myself. Repeat the same actions and say the same words to the right side of your body. From tip of little finger on your right hand, up the outside of your right arm, using your left hand across your right shoulder and down to your heart, where you rest your hand gently, and do this while saying the following words to yourself – I truly and fully accept and love myself. Finish this yoga Nidra technique with both hands resting gently, lovingly, and breathing into the words – I truly and fully accept and love myself.

I enjoyed this exercise which was part of a presentation on EFT at the IACP’s conference last weekend, which had the title Treating the Self, and this was the theme throughout the day, one of ease and time for self and others. While enjoying the exercise I was moved by the words set alongside the action of gently touching my body. Embracing both was not as challenging for me on the day as it might have been in the past. Accepting myself and all parts of myself is getting easier for me as I come to terms with the human condition, and my faults and failings. Most of all with the acceptance of these ‘warts and all’ I know deep within me that I am still worthy of love and worth loving.

Reflecting on the exercise, I was reminded of the words of Mooji, (a spiritual leader) and I paraphrase his words as I remember hearing them in the past – with the pincers of truth, I unpluck from my heart the thorn of many judgments, and I rest in my splendor, I rest in my heart, I rest in love. Spending a moment with these words I always feel my body relax in acceptance, I notice my mind let’s go of its harsh judgments, and my heart eases and heals itself. I feel loved.

I do not see myself as religious, and words learned come to mind – forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Again, these words ask forgiveness for our shortcomings, and release from the suffering that comes with being human. Again, I feel restored and loved after this prayer.

I am now thinking that the EFT exercise and experience on Saturday last was an embodied prayer.

I am also reminded that mindfulness, and meditation are similar, in that the exercise of sitting, of becoming aware in the moment, without judgment, in touch with breath, also affords us the opportunity to rest in the body, in the mind, and in the spirit, and to connect with love.

I hope you have a moment today to breathe and relax. Go gently on yourself! You are loved.


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