President of ICPPD, Tom Moran’s speech at recent Graduation in Belfast

Good afternoon graduates of ICPPD,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for partaking of this Supervision training and education programme with ICPPD and Bobby Moore Consultancy.

I know that you have had a wonderful learning experience with Bobby and Liam, who both have the ability to balance the level of care and justice in the work they do and the learning experience they offer and provide.

ICPPD, The International College for Personal and Professional Development, has been in existence for almost 6 years now. Our programmes include a BA in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy, Diploma in Cross Professional Supervision, Diploma in Expressive Arts, Certificates in Mindfulness and Psychosynthesis, other short complimentary personal and professional development programmes and short online courses suitable for CPD hours.

Our logo is the circle in which are seven interlocking discs. The circle illustrates and symbolises the idea of a continuous journey, it is also the holistic emblem of inclusion, nurturance and it denotes community and interconnectedness. The interlocking discs depict the many aspects of the self. This supports the philosophy of ICPPD.

I would like to show you a short clip from Louie Schwartzberg, called – Wings of Life – the Beauty of Pollination –

Leaving us with the beautiful image of the butterfly –the metaphor of the journey to transformation….Pollination – meaning self-fertilisation and cross-fertilisation is I think, a fitting word for Cross Professional Supervision training and education.

My wish for you all is that your work bears fruit and expands, as you work with, and influence, pollinate, model and facilitate your supervisees, who work with their clients on their journey towards wholeness. Thus the holistic cycle of wisdom, inclusion, nurturance, community and interconnectedness is supported.

I invite you to claim your Award and Achievement –

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