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ICPPD’s Alumni Community


The word ‘alumni’ means a group of people who graduated from the same college. It is plural for the Latin words ‘alumnus’ and ‘alumna’ which refer to a former learner, male or female respectively, of a particular school, college, or university.

The purpose of this ICPPD Alumni is to build a community of like-minded individuals and support a network of former graduates. ICPPD can be an integral part of your career path and progression, by providing advice and sharing experiences.

Being a graduate from ICPPD, learners are aware that education is so much more than just the qualifications they receive at the end. It is about the lessons they learn, the people they meet, and the relationships they build. The ICPPD Alumni network gives graduates the chance to stay in contact and continue to learn from each other long after they have graduated.

Our Alumni is part of our ICPPD family and graduates continue to be our best ambassadors. As a group they have a history of shared experiences and memories, understood by those who studied before them, those who studied with them and those who will soon join the alumni community.

If you are a graduate and have the passion to connect or reconnect, we are delighted to invite you to establish a formal network.

We can design together a calendar of formal and informal events for 2021 and we welcome any ideas to make your network a success. All events will be via Zoom for the foreseeable future.

What we can do for you

Connection and Reconnection

Find and reminisce with other graduates, see what they have been doing and stay in touch. Working as a counsellor and psychotherapist can be a profession that is isolating, by the very nature of the work we do, and it helps to stay connected with peers.

Give back and pay forward

We offer you the opportunity to avail of discounts for professional courses, e.g. a reduced fee being currently offered to graduates who meet the admission criteria for ICPPD’s Diploma in Advanced Supervision across Professions – A Holistic and Integrative Approach. We can support you in your professional endeavours e.g. helping you to develop articles for publication, conducting research and  promoting your unique service to the public and other ways that may be appropriate. We also offer you the chance to give back to ICPPD by volunteering as a speaker, mentor and trainer.

Expand your Network

Leverage your professional network to get introduced to people you should know. Support networks are hard to come by out there in the world and having a ready-made one full of people with shared experiences just waiting to connect is a luxury that few can afford to turn down.

Your ICPPD Community

By being involved and integrating with this ICPPD Alumni Community network, and cultivating a culture of helping each other, you will be amazed how vibrant your ICPPD community is!

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