Feedback on our Personal Development Course – Coming Home to Self

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Feedback from an adult learner who recently completed our Personal Development Course – Coming Home to Self – (6 Week) – 25 CPD Hours


“Thank you for this gorgeous course. Really enjoyed every inch of it. It has taught me a lot but also reminded me of what I knew but found it hard to access during this turbulent year. 

Week 1, reminded me of how hard I have worked on my self-esteem over the past ten years and how much it has paid off, that my self-esteem is in pretty good shape.

Week 2, taught me it is forever fluctuating, and that’s ok, as long as I have compassion respect and forgiveness for myself. Also, how meditation can help the inner critic to ‘sssshh’ and allow me to just be and to accept that I can only control my own behaviour.

Week 3, Self-Parenting really stuck out for me, I believe this is key, well it was for my journey with self-esteem anyway. To know I can hold myself in high regard and be accountable and to respect myself is a gift.

Week 4, “I completely believe in you” is now a new mantra, as I begin to see I may have had a tad ‘burnout’ and not tuning into myself properly throughout the last lockdown. I have the resources but somewhere through the lockdown they seemed to ‘vacate the premises’ for a while. Resistance was present and using self-compassion and acceptance really helped in conquering this. I did not bake but instead planted some flowers for the changing of seasons.

Week 5, Childhood trauma, growing up never knowing who or what might strike next or what was really happening was the beginning of baby Aoife’s road to self-destruction and low self-esteem. I always knew there was a bigger picture though, but what was it? ME, and how I can love and accept, forgive and parent myself as an adult, and, oh what a gift and tool that the pandemic tried to take from me. However, it has now been re awakened because of this course.

Week 6, Communication. I loved this piece; I have always watched people through their nonverbal communication and found it fascinating how much can be seen when nothing is even said. I am very mindful of this. Communication is key to everything for me and how to actively listen can form a therapeutic alliance like no other. When active listening is learned I believe it to be life changing, as we are no longer listening to respond, but to truly hear what another is communicating.

Thank you so much for this beautiful course it has re-ignited my passion for me throughout these turbulent times.” – Aoife D, 2021


ICPPD’s Personal Development Course – Coming Home to Self – (6 Week) – 25 CPD Hours is an online course with a difference!  Home study at your own pace, start any time of year. World wide enrolment.