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Facing New Challenges Today


Dear Precious Being,

Welcome to my series of blogs. As a new blogger, this is a challenge for me. The advisors on Google tell me firstly, to organise my topics, posts and put a plan in place. Then I need to gather all supporting items, like, photographs and creating social media links. It’s all a bit too much for this ‘older person’ to comprehend. I can only do my best as I up-skill and learn something new.

Facing New Challenges Today

I’m addressing you, my reader as a precious being, this is because I know you are. What do I want to share with you this week? I want you to know that no matter what challenges either personally or professionally you encounter this week, that you have within you the knowledge, skills, qualities and resources to handle it. There are also other people around you who can offer support and help you. You alone can do it, and you don’t have to do it alone.

I’m not great at asking for help myself. It’s not that I think I’m weak if I do, it’s just that I am so used to getting on with things, sorting them out as best I can, on my own that I forget that help is available and I deprive another of the joy of helping. I need to remind myself to ask for help more often. Giving and receiving is a two-way gift, and is part of healthy friendships and relationships.

These days I am somewhat ‘snowed under’ with challenges. In my role as academic director at ICPPD, I have responsibility with a team for garnering professional accreditation and academic validation for programmes. These are major pieces of work and projects that take me out of my comfort zones. I find myself asking for help and support on an ongoing basis. This allows others an opportunity to give generously and for all concerned to have a sense of achievement and contentment on successful completion. Giving and receiving enhances our sense of self and well-being.

Facing new challenges

As a ‘manifestor’ and visionary, (see weblink, as with all personality type identifiers, its best to take it lightly – ) I’m used to working alone and my challenge is to inform, lead my team and invite others to perform with me. This supports and helps me with the sense of aloneness and separation I experience at times.

So, help me today. Please leave a comment, or share this blog.

Dear Precious Being, take care of yourself this week and don’t forget to ask for help!


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