Conferring of Awards and Graduation Ceremony 2019

-Speech by Christine Moran, Academic Director, Founder of ICPPD

Welcome everyone,

To all graduands gathered here to-day and to those unable to be present, my joyous congratulations to you all!We are here today, to honour you, our learners who carry the torch of our next generation of healers, counselors and psychotherapists.

You heard your heart’s Calling, and you answered it, and commenced your studies with us at ICPPD. On your behalf I would like to thank and appreciate your loved ones, your family and friends who supported you and made sacrifices, so you could attend college and follow your dream. I have heard you often express your gratitude for their support. I invite you to stand, turn in gratitude and give them an applause. I hope your time at ICPPD whether that was during –

The Personal Development Course
The Introductory Certificate in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy
The Professional Certificate in Psychosynthesis
The Professional Diploma in Expressive Arts
The Professional Diploma in Reflexive Supervision across Professions
The 3-year Professional Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy
The Bachelor of Arts degree in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy or
The Bachelor of Arts Honours in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy

whether you attended Athlone, Dublin, or Galway, I hope it was a beneficial learning experience for you, and that you felt nurtured and supported in your personal and professional journey by ICPPD.

To the graduates of the 3-year Core Training Programmes –
As Learners you put hundreds of hours of your time and your money to learn the theory, skills and the practice of holistic counselling and psychotherapy. You attended college every second weekend for 3 years, had personal therapy and external and in-house supervision, clinical practice, attended progression meetings and integration evenings. 23 modules and many assessments!

All of you graduating today can hold your head high, for us at ICPPD, we are proud to release to the profession of counselling and psychotherapy in Ireland – our latest graduates. Our national validation and accreditation bodies are the frameworks that uphold academic and professional standards at ICPPD; we are pleased to have the involvement and approval of QQI, IACP, NAPCP, SAI. In this field of counselling and psychotherapy, (that we choose to be part of) -as trainers, tutors, supervisors, therapists, clients –we are all pilgrims on a journey of self-discovery and learning –we are all involved in the on-going work of loving self and others to health and wholeness.

I use the word “loving” consciously; it supports a profession that has at its core –empathy, integrity, non-judgemental attitude, congruence, compassion, acceptance and ownership of our human frailties and our creative resourcefulness and resilience. Our journey to self-realisation is the embodiment of being the best version of self –being all of myself. The ups and downs of life are part of that embodiment and failure is an opportunity to change.

Thank it, bless it, let it take us in a new direction, humbly acknowledging our humanity and expanding into our greatness without apology! Letting our love, our joy, our happiness, our hopes express itself, unashamedly! You are the captain of your soul, the conductor of the orchestra, the architect of your own life, align with your spirit, and serve your hearts calling! You have heard this, many times, in many ways during your time and studies at ICPPD.

We are a college with a Difference; at ICPPD we deliver holistic education which is all-inclusive, universal. The Latin word “educare” means to lead out, to bring out what is in the person. Education is a life-long process and we are all the time learning to bring out what is inside us. Each one of you is an alchemist. Like the gardener putting a seed into the soil and with nurturing, that seed is transformed into a beautiful tree – This is your blessed work as a therapist, co-creating and nurturing a relationship and making a difference that ripples out beyond the counselling room.

Holistic education is learning with your whole being –Body, mind and spirit. Educate our heads of course, with information, knowledge and ideas, In listening to our heart, we learn compassion, to feel generosity, love, sorrow and all feelings. Our hands are a magical gift to us -through our hands, with our heart and imagination we can transform ourselves and others. You are an artist. The greatest art is the art of living. We are always learners of life. So, education must help us to bring out our true artist, encourage us to open our minds to a bigger picture. The challenge of education is producing well-equipped people with imagination, creativity, skills, ideas and heart relationships who will go into the world joyfully. As a learner, I hope you have experienced this kind of holistic education at ICPPD.

In these changing times I think it is crucial that you, as representatives of this profession –as a counsellor and psychotherapist -inform and aid people -to hear, to see, the sacred work you do with your clients –this will be and is demonstrated -by your ethical behaviour and the way you live your life. It is important that you continue to nourish yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually –that you continue to grow both personally and professionally through:
– Ongoing deepening personal therapy and personal development
– Effective reflective supervision and continual professional learning
– Networking with your peers, participating in activities and engaging with the professional and academic bodies at all levels.
– Self-care which includes -open, honest communication and taking responsibility for yourself and your actions, this is paramount as you go forward in your chosen career.

I am delighted to meet and celebrate you today as a qualified therapist and my peer in the field of Counselling and Psychotherapy. On behalf of all at ICPPD –the members of the various boards, the administration staff, your tutors, support staff and the learning community, I congratulate you. Well done. The Degree, Professional Diploma and Certificate that you will receive shortly is our guarantee that you have been found to be worthy of the award. We therefore invite you to come and claim your award.

It is my privilege and pleasure to see you claim (I use the word claim deliberately –in coming up to receive -you are honouring your commitment, dedication, challenging work, sacrifices and learning involved in getting here today) so come and claim your prize –I love metaphors –and so as therapists –You are gold miners -with your clients, sifting for nuggets of hope, qualities and resources undeveloped.

You are midwives, with your clients, birthing new beginnings, new perspectives and change. You are here on the path of, and on the breath of, your ancestors, give thanks Create your own path; follow the master in your own heart.You are here in this moment inspiring future generations.As my therapist said to me and I say to you now -“your crown has been paid for, put it on your head and wear it”. Come and claim your award -you have earned it.

To you who have completed your supervision training, I look forward to meeting you as a supervisor in the field.To all learners who have successfully completed various courses at ICPPD -Well done and congratulations, I wish you all health and happiness. May all of us here today -walk in Beauty and Kindness. Thank you. – Christine Moran


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