Personal Development for all of us!

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Personal Development for all of us!

What does it mean to live my life for myself, follow the call of my own soul, and refuse any longer to be beholden to someone else’s expectations? Am I looking outside for approval, support, and direction rather than within? Am I honoring my myself as an individual in my own right with the will and purpose of my own and determining my own unfolding?

This part is still inside me waiting to be nurtured, to receive the sunlight and moisture it needs to open and allow its inner contents to unfurl. It is never too late to provide ourselves with what we need to awaken this inner being. This work of becoming a person is difficult work, we may feel worse before we feel better. I need to live my life for me and make myself happy and be well in body, mind and spirit.

I managed a situation as best I could today and in doing so, I compromised another and I am deeply sorry for this. I take responsibility for this and apologize to all concerned. I am adopting in Japanese, what is known as a wabi-sabi mentality. In a nutshell, wabi-sabi is about seeing that imperfections make something unique and therefore beautiful and that perfection lies in the imperfection.

I am relieved this morning. I am humbled in my imperfection, open to learning and consequences. They would say on my epitaph today- she was a flawed person and that was also a lovely part of her, she was more than a role, mistakes, and ego, she was a human being.

The notion of my unworthiness, due to early environmental and cultural unworthiness says there is something wrong with me. To be found out is painful and I now can say to myself – there is something wrong with my behavior, rather than with me as a person – and thankfully, I can laugh at myself, rather than cry, which would bring me into a place of my inner child needing to be rescued!

Laughing at myself says to my adult self ‘look at this nonsense and the trouble you get yourself into, what am I going to do with you’, this is a part of you that tries to get it right and takes risks and when challenged, runs for cover. These days, this is where I rescue myself and thrive. I am not a rescuer, a persecutor, or a victim – I stand outside Karpman’s (1968) drama triangle. I survive, become more expanded, lessons are learned, I tolerate the pain of my imperfections and that is all perfectly OK.

The theorists and teachers say, or this is how I interpret their message –
Do not wish to be anybody but what you are. Stay curious and kind to self and others, not mean or judgmental. Take a positive, loving, and open approach to your relationship with self and others. Connect to the body, feelings, and mind and this will help you make self-care decisions. Make yourself and your well-being a priority.

I am aware that my energy currently, is a finite resource and I only have so much energy to go around. I am more tired, with little to give anyone now and needing to prioritize my well-being. Dear Precious Being, do you want to be the author of your life? I could use some personal development to support myself at this time. Would you like to join me on a journey of self- discovery?

Enrolling on ICPPD’s Personal Development Course will support your connection to your deeper being through a holistic body mind spirit approach to well-being. I have never regretted the times I felt vulnerable and accepted I needed help and support. I have not regretted the times I reached out and took charge of my life and welfare, whether this was joining a course, attending personal counselling and therapy, or calling a friend.

On a personal development course, I heard the following – Get married to yourself every day. Make a commitment to be your own best friend. Do you know that the heart chakra is the marriage of the self to the self, and that people come to know themselves if not threatened? So much love is locked inside when we are lost to ourselves. A healthy human being is a loving human being in touch with their own joy and sorrow. Do you want your heart to be open?

If you are not a swimmer, you will be terrified if taken out of your depth especially by someone else who cannot swim. Ethically as professionals, we are responsible for what we provoke and start and so as a facilitator of personal development courses and as a counsellor/psychotherapist I will support you and help you out of your scary place and help you back to your safe place so you can use your wisdom to guide your life.

Rarely do we truly admit how we really feel. It is important that we find a space safe enough to see the humanity of each other where compassion is shared vulnerability and intimacy is shared struggles and achievements. Your personal development is key to your ability to make healthy choices for your life and well-being. Are you ready to make that call today?


ICPPD’s next Certificate in Personal Development programme starts in October 2021. Contact us at: for full details.