May President’s Update


Greetings Everybody

Wondering where to start this month’s greeting led me to stop and reflect on this moment. Pausing allowed busyness to settle, so I could connect to this moment.

Today I am grateful that I was able to be part of the team, who met with the group of potential new learners attending the ICPPD Information Webinar last evening. It reminded me of all my exciting thoughts, financial planning and decision-making years ago when I stumbled into the profession. I remember at that time, gosh, nearly 25 years ago, my critic within got louder squeaking “who do you think you are? where do you think you are going? You won’t be able to study! You, you…?”. It was a friend’s kind words of encouragement that swayed me to settle and go for it. 25 years later I still love the work and have no regrets. I wish all of you well in making your decisions, as you embark on new training.

I’m also excited when I think of welcoming all the learners, who are Graduating this year, to the ‘End of year Day of Reflection and Retreat’ at our New Beginnings Holistic Centre. It gives me the chance to meet them all up close and to serve them.

On a ‘down day’ its always hard to find the light to shine, and today I felt it would have been easier to just not do this greeting – gentle encouragement from Christine lit up my psyche and I got there – more gratitude.

Until next month.

Keep Well.

Tom Moran.

College President.