It is ok not to be OK and You are OK too!


We are amazing human beings. We were seldom told that we were bringing our unique potential and qualities with us to earth and that we would make a difference.

Were you told you were one of a kind, with gifts? That your destiny is to be on earth during this specific time in history, with its issues and struggles and power of transformation and that you are here to have some significant part in the process of evolution?

Have you been told that your birth on this earth is a gift and that you are loved, simply because you are you, and because you are here? Do you appreciate that you are loved because you exist? You are a being of love, loved and lovable, and you make a difference.

Do you know that it is OK to make mistakes and to learn from them? In your humanness, you make mistakes and poor choices, and this does not mean you are a mistake. Please do not identify with your mistakes.

You were not meant to know how to do the right thing all the time, nor was anyone else. Each time you fell, lost face, were hurt, hurt others, made a mistake – you learned about your humanity, and to make better choices, you expanded your life experiences, and grew in self-awareness and inner wisdom.

Each time you got it wrong; you found courage to keep going, to learn and continue to grow. Each time you messed up, painful as it was at the time, it provided you with the opportunity to make better choices, develop inner strength and perseverance.

You also learned to be kinder to yourself and to treat yourself as you would your family member or friend. In your humility you may have fallen into your compassionate nature. You became kinder and less harsh to yourself and others. You learned that being human connects us all together and you met the gift of your vulnerability and the resources of your resilience.

Don’t spend too long on, and, over your mistakes. Make amends where possible. Forgive yourself and others. Continue to bring your unique contribution, with its ‘ups and downs’ to the earth. You make a difference!

Isn’t it wonderful to be a human being on planet earth currently with all its tragedy and beauty?


Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? –

Mary Oliver, The Summer Day


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