Athlone, Dublin & Galway


Join us for a dynamic and informative webinar designed specifically for counsellors and psychotherapists looking to expand their digital presence and grow their practices! During this 2-hour session, we will explore the exciting world of content creation, covering everything from blogging and podcasting to video and social media.

Here's a brief outline of what you can expect to learn:

Blogging for therapists: We'll discuss the benefits of blogging, how to write effective blog posts, and strategies for promoting your blog to reach a wider audience.

Podcasting for therapists: We'll explore the power of podcasting as a tool for connecting with potential clients and positioning yourself as an expert in your field. You'll learn about the equipment you need, how to structure your episodes, and tips for promoting your podcast to build a following.

Video for therapists: We'll delve into the world of video content creation and discuss the different types of videos you can create, such as explainer videos, educational videos, and vlogs. You'll learn about the equipment and software needed to create professional-looking videos and how to promote your videos to reach a wider audience.

Social media for therapists: We'll explore the different social media platforms available and discuss strategies for building a strong online presence, engaging with potential clients, and creating a community around your practice.