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A Silent Retreat for Self-Care and Well-Being!

  Dear Precious Being, I spent today with my friend Ellen, we were spending the day together on a silent retreat. After light breakfast, we prepared our offerings to the Great Feminine. We sat in the womblike dome, with Amma’s bhajans playing in...
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A blog from a client attending psychotherapy

In my psychotherapy session today, I explored what holds me back from being the person I know I can be. I had great insight into my fears and anxieties and old patterns that have held me back all my life, including ‘old voices’ that say – “who...
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Step out from the norm and take the road less travelled

 Dear Precious Being, So, you have decided to step out from the norm, is this your mission in life? If so you must be willing to be insecure, because you will be ridiculed, misjudged, maligned. If you are among the creative people who go to the edge...
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