Athlone, Dublin & Galway

Do you believe in destiny? Are there any coincidences?


At ICPPD we are currently busy marketing and advertising our programmes due to commence end of September 2015. I was thinking about the natural journey of personal and professional development in my own life beginning with a Personal Development Course and a programme on Family Studies from NUI Maynooth. Hindsight is great and as I reflect I see a journey that although I choose to follow, there seems also to be bigger picture unfolding and perhaps destiny at work.

I share the following for no other reason than to say if I can do it, so can you!

I then progressed to a two year Foundation Course in Counselling and Psychotherapy and on to a Professional Training Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Following the completion of this programme I commenced my work as a counsellor/psychotherapist and began to work my extra 450 hours as a therapist and the required criteria to become an accredited therapist. 5 years later I began a Supervision course and progressed over the next two year to become an accredited supervisor. I still wonder about the shy woman who went on to deliver and facilitate therapeutic workshops and present at conferences.

10 years ago I found myself (another story of providence happening perfectly) in Dublin commencing a full time Masters Degree programme. An experience I thoroughly enjoyed. This enhanced my work at that time which involved tutoring on training programmes in Counselling and Psychotherapy. All of this brought me to the point of opening our own college in Athlone, ICPPD. I am now hoping to commence a PhD at some stage in the near future. I love learning and being in places of learning with people who are curious and interested in learning.

I remember the mix of excitement, anxiety and exhilaration I felt at each of the courses I undertook. The energy it took to make the initial enquiry and book my place. The apprehension and sometimes panic I felt on the first nights as I entered the class to meet the people there and introduce myself. It was painful. Wondering if I would be able for the academic requirements and assessments expected of me. Supporting myself around my interactions with my fellow learners and trying to gauge how much to disclose and how to protect myself from being vulnerable at times was a personal and worthwhile challenge. Securing finances was my main worry and trying to balance my study and time for myself with being a mother, wife and family member. I remember the guilt I felt at times and how I would beat myself up, until I learned to be kinder to myself and others.

I remember the challenge to keep going on days when I was too tired to think, and it all seemed too much for me. I will never forget the people who probably unknowing supported and encouraged me, a silent hand on my shoulder, a warm gesture to a chair beside them, an encouraging smile, a word of praise given freely just when I needed it, a cup of tea, a bed for the night and more. They seem like small things but they made the difference. I didn’t feel alone or that I was on my own.

Then finally getting there and the sense of achievement and satisfaction derived. It is a special feeling, yours alone. The courage it took to begin is celebrated in this final appreciation of the inner and outer struggle and adventure. I usually have a sense of gratitude for where I have come from, wonder at the Universe and the plans it has for me, excitement for where I am now and a curiosity about what’s next. This journey of life we are given and participate in is so amazing. Reminiscing is nostalgic and poignant as I encounter my humanity reflected in others and their lives.

So if you are considering a personal challenge, are thinking of returning to education or are considering signing up for a programme, I wish you well. If ever I can be of help and you have questions and concerns, I am happy to answer your queries and hopefully encourage you to follow your dream. When the time is right, there is a natural urge or whispering within and if we listen and do our part then our world opens to the adventure ahead. Embrace the journey.

– Christine Moran