Our Relationships with ‘He’, ‘She’ and ‘They’

“Our Relationships with ‘He’, ‘She’ and ‘They’ – Perceptions that can attach to Sexuality and Gender Journey Issues”. 

In grammatical terms, pronouns are smaller words we  use regularly to substitute the names of people, animals or things in order to avoid repetition e.g. I, you, he, she, it, we, you (Plur.) and they.  In gender terms, these seemingly innocuous little words often pack an enormous emotional and psychological punch for anyone on a gender journey of self realisation.

Nowhere in any other comparative cohort of people do substitute words have such massive impact in all aspects of life than on the transgender community. Ask a girl in the birth body of a male how she feels growing up in an all boys school being described as “…one of the lads”  and constantly referred to as “good man” he, his or him and never allowed to wear a dress or a skirt without drawing potentially massive attention to themselves for that single act of fulfilment.

Imagine the mental prison of a boy in the birth body of a girl, most likely never encouraged to play with gender specific or gender neutral toys of their masculine inclination. The hatred they might develop for what some learn to call their “dead name” in contempt of its representation to them of the forced suppression of their real self.

Think for a moment of the normalcy most of us experience when making a visit to a public toilet,  then spare a thought for the trauma and anxiety that simple action might provoke for a gender fluid person or for a person going through the active process of transition.

Language plays a very significant, descriptive and labelling role for people of all Gender and Sexual Diversities (GSD). This is an invitation to explore the impact of language in all its shades and colours as it applies to gender and sexuality in a social and contemporary context.

– Jim Hutton  BA (Hons.) Counselling & Psychotherapy; Dip. Counselling

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