Self Discovery through the Chakras (14 Week) – 35 CPD Hours


Perhaps you know what a chakra is or you may have read or heard about chakras. And you know that there is more to you that just the physical body. You know that your body is an energetic system through which the universal life force flows.

Your seven chakras are a part of this energetic system – they are a part of your energetic self. They connect you with the larger part of yourself, the universe, and at the same time they hold the secrets to your unique self, your unique spirit.

Maybe you are curious and you want to learn more about your chakras – these powerhouses of energy – spinning wheels of life!  And maybe you want to explore ways of balancing and healing your subtle body?

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned adult learner, healer, or spiritual seeker, you will find much information on this e-course. Begin exploring basic knowledge or delve deeper into topics of healing, self-discovery and transformation.

Exploring your personal development and self-discovery through the chakras over this 14 week course will help you to:

  •    learn more about who you are
  •    unleash the power to direct your own life
  •    find your own path
  •    awaken your intuition
  •    empower yourself in all aspects of life
  •    find your inner balance
  •    explore the seven chakras and your energetic anatomy
  •    learn techniques to feel better emotionally, spiritually, and physically

Emailed lessons will help you explore and connect with yourself. You will be encouraged to reflect upon your own personal development and journey of self-discovery through awareness and appreciation of the chakra energetic field. The work of Caroline Myss and Natalie Rogers and others support this e-course.

Here’s what you can expect during this e-course:

  • You will receive a total of 7 fortnightly emails. Each will contain teaching and suggested practices, a link to video and/or audio messages, and a link to a YouTube video  or other media for learning

  • Nourishing and promoting the above, you will receive suggested reflections/practices which are designed to support your personal development. They include journaling/ drawing about your own journey during this e-course. You will also be encouraged to do “Practical Task” exercises.

  • You are invited and supported to cultivate a personal relationship and intimacy with yourself during this course, so having time to reflect and do the suggested exercises/ drawing/reading/ reflections etc. is important.

  • All are meant to enhance your participation and experience on the course, and to ultimately connect you to your inner self and the wisdom within

CPD Certificate This e-course is available on-demand. If you wish to receive a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certificate from the International College for Personal and Professional Development (ICPPD) for your portfolio, it is available on completion of the course. Please discuss with your tutor.

  • Venues:
    Home study at your own pace. World wide enrolment.
  • Commencement Dates:
    Start any time of year.

    Course Fee:
    €110.00 (20% January Discount €88)

  • Payment:
    Payment Options

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