Reflection and Retreat in Nature: Walking on Sacred Earth (4 Week) – 20 CPD Hours

About ICPPD’s Online Reflection and Retreat in Nature

Have you ever felt Spirits whisper among the plants, flowers, trees in the woods, by a stream, river or the ocean, or in relation to an animal or pet, or perhaps in a bird or by listening to the wind. These moments or experiences often change us, inspire us, or clarify our thinking. Sometimes these encounters with grace awaken us and transform our lives; we remember them forever.

This 4 week online reflection and retreat in Nature: Walking on Sacred Earth provides guided opportunities for deepening our relationship and intimacy with the natural world and the elements of earth, wind, fire and water. When we experience ourselves as connected to all of creation and see all of life as sacred, we also experience ourselves as part of the web of life in relationship with all beings. We are encouraged to promote and establish a respectful connection with the Earth community so that we can move into a fair and sustainable way of being on the planet. This is the goal of the movement known as eco-spirituality.

This 4 week contemplative retreat will help you to reawaken to your inner wisdom and become more aware of and learn a deeper appreciation of nature, experiencing the natural world as fully alive and spiritually vibrant. It is a way of invitation, intention, reciprocity, and intimacy with the world, others and self. It is walking the beauty way.

Emailed lessons will help you explore and connect with the natural world within your own community and country. You will be encouraged to reflect upon your own history and relationship with nature, spend time outdoors as much as possible or looking out your window on days not safe to go out, be inspired by visual images and written words of nature, and you are invited to cultivate your ability to listen more deeply to your surroundings. This retreat invites you to slow down and experience the natural world with open awareness. You will be invited into silence, stillness, deep listening, curiosity, appreciation, awe and gratitude.

Here’s what you can expect during this Online Reflection and Retreat in Nature e-course:

  • You will receive a total of 8 Emails, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

  • Each will contain teaching and practices, a link to video and/or audio messages, and a link to a YouTube video

  • You are invited to cultivate a personal relationship and intimacy with the earth and nature around you wherever you live at the moment

  • You are supported to  open to the idea and experience of relationship and interconnection of all beings, creatures and living entities

 These elemental themes will be covered:

  • Having a sense of place, becoming grounded and relating to Earth
  • Awareness of depth, being  flexible and flowing like Water
  • Listening to urges within, new ideas and freedom associated with Wind
  • Extraordinary experiences in nature, that clear dross and encourage growth like Fire

Nourishing and promoting the above, you will receive suggested practices which are designed to support a contemplative engagement with nature. They will include journaling about your own journey during this retreat, your experiences in nature, reading nature poetry, using guided meditations to be present where you are, and doing some  “Retreat Practices.” You will also be encouraged to do “Creation Activity” exercises. All are meant to enhance your participation and experience on the course, and to ultimately connect you to nature and the wisdom inherent in it all.

Your leader for this retreat is Saille Fearn. Saille is a counsellor/psychotherapist, retreat instructor, workshop facilitator and teacher. Her writing, work and presentations focus on earth-based spirituality and the power of imagination and intuition.

We invite you to explore the riches of a path rooted in deep connection with sacred earth. To register, click on the “Paypal” button on the side.

This e-course is available on-demand. If you wish to receive a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certificate from the International College for Personal and Professional Development (ICPPD) for your portfolio, it is available on completion of the course. Please discuss with your tutor.

Testimonials – Online Reflection and Retreat in Nature

“This certainly was a refreshing journey taking a country girl back to her roots! I’ve always had a healthy relationship with nature and country-life. However this course created a deeper awareness around the impact of the holistic effect nature has on me as a human. We are born into this world with a natural connection to the earth and all its elements – water, clay, sunshine, wind, rain, plants, animals, mountains and more. We just have to look at the effect of the moon on our moods and sleeping patterns.
When we die we pass our bodies back to earth to rest in peace. Peace from nature does not just come from the act of dying but from life itself on this earth, a spiritual union. Taking a walk where we can engage in nature and appreciate the sounds, smells and sights lifts our mood creating a connectivity like nothing else in the world, stilling the mind. This sense of being part of the earth enhances well-being and revives the soul. This course rekindled my love of nature and allows me be part of the universe again. Busy schedules and modern living can hamper the relationship between humans and the universe denying our human batteries the opportunity of recharging.
I am grateful for this rekindling though participation of this course and hope to continue to enjoy the benefits for some time to come. Thank you for providing an opportunity for further growth and development.” – Ruth R.


“For me, this course has been a journey of discovery and rediscovery. What made me join this retreat was a longing for nature – for spending more time outside, the way I did when I was a child, and for developing more intimacy with the natural world, here, in the place where I live. The course has certainly helped me to do that, through a range of simple and beautiful practices. But I have also got to know a number of writers, activists and thinkers whose ideas I will explore in the long winter months that lie ahead: Satish Kumar, Thomas Berry, Margaret Fuller, John Moriarty, Mark Tredinnick… I did this course in autumn, but I plan to go through the entire course again in spring. For while this is a 4-week retreat, there is material here for a lifetime.” –  Siv in Norway


What I found most helpful was reflecting on my nature experiences through the years from seeing shooting stars when asking God for help to remembering my nature walks and asking am I on the right path and seeing three white feathers on my path.

I loved the peaceful tones of the YouTube clips these brought lovely moments of relaxation in this hectic coming up to Christmas time of the year.  A general feeling of connection to nature beautiful scenes and my connection to animals and humans alike and the landscape we share. I’m so looking forward to the spring and seeing the flowers grow again.  I found the time of the year unhelpful as there isn’t much growth and the weather wasn’t the best for walking in but I persevered and found lots of life still out there. I did feel the benefits of nature; that clear your head feeling, and I loved hugging the trees. All in all a very enjoyable programme and hearing Christine’s voice always brings me to a place of home in my heart. I will endeavour to interact with nature more often and encourage my clients to do the same.” – Debbie Baker


“I am so glad I chose to do Walking on Sacred Earth online course at ICPPD as part of my CPD hours.  I thoroughly enjoyed sharing these past few weeks with you. I found myself looking forward to the magnificent  video clips of nature which you shared.”  – Margaret Kelly

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