Mindfulness and Mindful-Living Programme (8 Week) – 32 CPD Hours

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“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor”

Thich Nhat Hanh

The online mindfulness programme is based on the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, Mark Williams, Jack Kornfield, Thich Nhat Hanh, Tony Bates and other master practitioners and experts in the field. It is suitable for beginners and those who have already been involved in Mindfulness practice. The programme provides you with a clear structure, within which you can observe your own mind and body and life unfolding. It offers a systematic approach for working with whatever arises. This framework is evidenced based. It is shaped into a common sense 8-week programme for anyone interested in his/her health and sanity especially in this frantic world.

Aims and Objectives

This 8-week Mindfulness Programme offers encouragement to move from the busy “doing” mode of mind to a more gentle way of “being” – being more present to what is here and holding whatever we find with kindness and compassion. Mindfulness and Meditation creates greater mental clarity, seeing things with open-hearted awareness. It is a place – a vantage point from which we can witness our own thoughts, feelings and struggles as they arise.

Entry Requirements and Application

Commitment to this programme is a radical act of trust and faith in yourself. The core of this programme is a series of daily practices and the breaking of unconscious thinking and behaving that prevent you living life to the full. So each week you are guided through a meditation practice and encouraged to engage in a practical task in Mindful awareness. Week by week you will re-discover a sense of peace and contentment.

CPD Certificate

This e-course is available on-demand. If you wish to receive a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certificate from the International College for Personal and Professional Development (ICPPD) for your portfolio, it is available on completion of the course. Please discuss with your tutor.

Testimonials – Online Mindfulness and Mindful-Living Programme

“Thank you for developing this wonderful course. I completed it last month and enjoyed the learning and practice at a gradual pace. I have gained so much from the course, become more mindful in my work and particularly in my everyday life. Having found that my life is richer and more balanced when I practice and am aware of the present. Being more self-compassionate has been empowering. The course is so accessible, I find myself recalling different lessons and clips that resonate at particular times for me and returning to them. I have taken my time completing this course and yet ironically, feel it will continue to be part of my onward journey. This course has definitely given me such fulfillment as a person and impacted on the people around me.” – Mary McCartney, 2020


“Thank you for the wonderful course. I have taken my time with it as I wanted to give it my full attention. Doing it slowly allowed me to practice mindfulness and not my usual habit of getting it done moving on to the next thing. There was a lot in it,and I know it’s something I will go back over again and again. I often do meditation, but it reminded me that,that is only one practice of mindfulness and it’s in every moment of everyday that I need to focus on. I love the idea of the “awe moments” and I have had many over the last few weeks. Looking at the beauty around me, pausing while out walking, looking at nature, the river, the boats, sitting in my garden watching the bees and birds. Reminding myself it’s OK to sit and read to listen to music to rest, the importance of being rather than doing. I have also really put attention to my eating habits, to sit and look at what I am eating to taste it to enjoy eating rather than just doing it. As I am writing this there are so many things, I could share about this programme, but a highlight is listening to Thich Nhat Hanh, I have read some of his books and will return to them again. I also have listened to some of his other talks on you tube, so thanks again for reminding me how good he is.” – K. Gavin, online Mindful Living and Mindfulness course participant, July 2020

“I like the way the course is laid out with its weekly in depth teachings and reminders. I found the gentleness of the writing came across in a soothing and easy way which  helped me with kindness and compassion…I would recommend this 8 week Online Mindfulness and Mindful-Living programme to my colleagues and friends.”  – M. O’Sullivan

Regarding the ICPPD online Mindfulness course, I found it amazing. I have done a practitioners course in Mindfulness in 2015, which enabled me to practice with my students. However to have something like your course in such detail and particularly for myself, this was soul food for me.

I really enjoyed the video clips suggested. I loved practicing the Techniques it helped me to remember how important it is to be grounded not just in my job but in my personal life. I have started to encourage my 4 year old grandson to practice mindfulness by simple things like asking him to describe to me in detail what he is doing when playing with Plasticine, how does it smell, what does it feel like etc. it’s been amazing !! Thank you. I have recommended this course to lots of people , apart from being an excellent learning it is flexible and without pressure. Thank you again.” – From a serious advocate of mindfulness from Cork


“My primary intention with taking this course was to re-establish what had become a rather rusty meditation practice, but as it is suggested in week 8, intentions can change, and learning outcomes can differ from what one had initially expected. I would like to mention three things in particular that I take with me from the course. The first one concerns my meditation practice, which has become shorter, more frequent and more enjoyable now.

Instead of being a chore, another item on my daily to-do list, it has become a restful and restorative moment. The second is, to my surprise, the 10 mindful movements from Plum Village. They have already been integrated into my morning routine, if not every day, at least several days a week, and while I do them indoors, I picture the naked feet on the grass and the breeze in the trees at Plum Village. Last, but not least, I take with me the joy of mindful living. That has been quite an eye opener to me: the mindful mug of coffee, mindful eating, the mindful walk to work, but also the concept of “working meditation”: cleaning, cooking and mowing the lawn mindfully. Thank you for a truly inspiring course.” – Siv (Norway)

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