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Our Relationships with ‘He’, ‘She’ and ‘They’

“Our Relationships with ‘He’, ‘She’ and ‘They’ – Perceptions that can attach to Sexuality and Gender Journey Issues”.  In grammatical terms, pronouns are smaller words we  use regularly to substitute the names of people, animals or...
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Exploring the Dynamics of Complaints – Robin Shohet

Many professionals have a fear of a complaint being made against them. In this article, my aim has been to throw some light on some of the dynamics that might be operating around complaints in order to move towards a more compassionate, systemic view...
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On my way, back home to self!

  Connect by being, resting in this snow. Leave everything else outside the room of being, for the next few moments. You can choose to pick them up later if you wish. The past is history and the future is fantasy, be here now. Please don’t miss...
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Connect with Your Body for Deeper Healing

Connect with your body. Everything you are feeling is Chi, your essence. Energy is everything that you are experiencing. Everything is there for you; the key is to tap into it. I write in my journal – “I wish to come into my life, to connect with...
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Christine Moran – Personal Experience & Life-long Learning

IACP Talk for student and pre-accredited members – by Christine Moran in Wynne’s Hotel Dublin, June 2017 Personal Experience, Life-long Learning and Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Welcome everyone, it is my pleasure and my privilege to be...
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