What our Learning Community says about ICPPD

“I’m on a rollercoaster of a journey ! The challenging parts are fitting everything in – work , college assignments, friends family ect.. but it is so worth it. I amazed as to what I have discovered about myself and continue to discover. This truly is a unique college experience. I feel blessed to be part of it I don’t think il ever get another opportunity like it in my lifetime. Can I use this opportunity to say that the standard of teachers and teaching style is second to none. They really are all magnificent and so very genuine. The experience they have and share is gold dust. Also I’d like to say that Noreen is always a pleasure to deal with and a very much appreciated helping hand and friendly ear. Thanks for the experience.” – Deirdre Shortt, ICPPD student

“Amazing experience, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff, tutors and support at ICPPD college over the last few years, we couldn’t have achieved our goals without you.” – Rachel Heviken, graduate of ICPPD

“My time studying with ICPPD has been one of the most rewarding periods of my life. I have learnt so much professionally and personally and would encourage anyone to make that journey. As well as being a very professional organisation, ICPPD also have the personal touch and from the moment you enter, you become part of the family. Studying there has enabled me to further enhance my career and I now work as a psychotherapist and am working towards my accreditation.”  M. Ronan (BA Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy)

“I studied at ICPPD for 4 years. I loved it… You gain a deeper knowledge of who you are… It isn’t easy but growth is always nurtured... I cannot recommend this third level institution enough. (2016, Alumni) Thank you, academic excellence achieved in a personal manner that belies all.” – Vincent Doyle

“Although this workshop was difficult for me, I felt supported by the facilitators and the setting was beautiful for the deep therapeutic work we were doing. It was a safe and powerful experience. Thank you both.”    – Emma, Inner Child Workshop

“In January 2018 I attended an inner child workshop facilitated by Christine & Tom Moran. On my journey there I was feeling anxious and unsure almost afraid of what to expect. When I arrived at the new beginnings centre, my fears were alleviated immediately; it was lovely to be greeted with the smell of fresh coffee and homemade scones.
We were all invited into the purpose built dome, my breath was taken away, I loved it. As the session went on I don’t know what had taken me over “was it the gentle music, the safety of the group”   or a connection with my inner child, I found the warmest healing tears come down my face. I am struggling to put the feeling into words of what I experienced, the freedom and the joy I felt was amazing. Later in the session I connected with the 5 yr old within me and to give her a voice was powerful. I can still connect with the feelings the healing; the freedom that I got in touch with on the day. I promised myself and my inner child on the day that I will never allow anyone to shame, hurt, or humiliate or disrespect me ever again.  Thank you to all at new beginnings for providing me with such a safe loving healing place to connect with the whole of me. I love me.   –  Sylvia, Inner Child Workshop 


“This was a beautiful experience and one I can take with me for life.”

“Genuine spirit of sharing our humanity, held in safe and expert hands.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Great facilitator.”

“Christine facilitated this course so beautifully – it was creative, spiritual and safe.”

“Best facilitator ever! Fantastic bunch of participants – probing, interesting, exciting, challenging, comforting”

“Much more than I anticipated – enjoyed the experience thoroughly. Christine brought “magic” to the module by brining her authentic beautiful self.”