Professional Certificate in Understanding Gender and Sexual Diversity

Commencing in October 2018 in ICPPD Athlone


Aims and Objectives

  • To introduce participants to Gender and Sexual Diversity, in particular Gender related concepts, linguistics and processes.
  • To examine Gender Journeying from a historical, societal, psychiatric and psychotherapeutic perspective based on current, relevant scientific and socio-political research positions.
  • To provide relevant and current information on Gender & Sexual Diversity with the emphasis on transgender and gender non-binary issues, on Gender Dysphoria and the examination of the Diagnostic Model of Gender Transition extant in Ireland and alternative methods of support in other jurisdictions.


Application Process

To secure a place on this programme please submit an application form accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of €75. Following review of your application we will call you to arrange an interview, which may be conducted by telephone or Skype.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss with competence the concept of Gender and Sexual Diversity, and to demonstrate awareness of the key national and international socio-political issues currently impacting Transgender people.
  • Show a clear awareness and express an informed view of Conversion Therapy and of Gender Dysphoria
  • Demonstrate an empathic, humanistic and informed awareness of Gender journeying
  • To show fluency and sensitivity of the linguistics and language involved in Gender & Sexual Diversity
  • Show a clear understanding of the multiplicity and complexities of Gender and Sexual Diversity with particular awareness of gender transitioning.
  • Demonstrate a competent awareness of procedures involved and the ability to express an informed view of the Medical Diagnostic Model of support extant in Ireland.


Learning & teaching Strategies:

  • Learning through research, attending Module lectures, group and individual participation, individual assignment, group project work, and power-point notes.
  • Awareness and impact of learned, subconscious pre-judgement, the potential sources of same and its impact on decision making.
  • Tutor input, lectures, participation in in-class small and large group learning exercises; discussion groups. Approaching this specialised and arguably controversial subject with an open heart and mind will help learners to better understand and enjoy the learning experience. Empathy and experience of the tutor who works in this area should prove a valuable source of learning for learners.

Learners are required and encouraged to engage in researching and reading recommended, relevant, and up to date information from reliable sources including the internet, books, publications, research papers, film, documentaries and other media to enhance their sense of competence and learning experience on this module.

Indicative Syllabus:

  • Introduction and outline of Gender & Sexual Diversity module focusing on key aspects of Gender Journeying and transitioning.
  • Language and Linguistics of Gender and Sexual Diversity, in particular, that of Transgender, Cisgender, Intersex and Non-binary models
  • Examining the multiplicities and processes of Gender Dysphoria in particular, the Diagnostic Model of  support for transgender people as extant in Ireland including the role of general practitioner, clinical psychology, psychiatry, counselling, endocrinology, hormone treatment, surgery and after-care.
  • In Transition – Examining key aspects of Gender Journeying from a societal, psychological, and psychotherapeutic posit. including the concept of conversion therapy
  • Ireland & UK – Legalities and Care Services comparison for people in Transition and examination of current international best practice medical research and support for people in Transition.
  • International Socio-Political examples for people of Gender and Sexual Diversity.
  • Research Studies in Gender Journeying from Gender Folk and familial perspective.
  • Project or Oral-with-visuals presentation, Review and Revision


  • On completion of this module learners are required to write an 1,800 word assignment
  • Evidence of the learner having completed a Reflective Learning Log or Journal accompanied with a 1,000 word summary of same.
  • Group Project or Debate presenting or critiquing in class a key aspect of Gender & Sexual Diversity as outlined in this Module. This must be accompanied with a 500 word personal assessment and reflection of the learning experience encountered while doing this group activity.

Facilitator: Jim Hutton


Former journalist and broadcaster Jim Hutton is a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, holding a B.A. (Hons.) in Counselling and Psychotherapy and an NUI Diploma in Counselling.  He received his first training in counselling at Stanhope Alcohol Treatment Centre, Dublin in 1978. Jim specialises in addiction counselling, couples counselling and gender and sexual diversity (LGBTI+) psychotherapy. He is the founder of Gender Journey Psychotherapy, a low cost group psychotherapy service for transgender people, operating from Insight Matters in Dublin city centre. Jim is the outgoing chairperson of IACP’s GSDIG committee (Gender & Sexual Diversity Interest Group). He also works with CDETB Youthreach second chance education centres in Dublin and with The Irish Defence Forces ESS initiative nationwide.

  • Venues:
    ICPPD, Athlone
  • Application:
    Contact ICPPD. Applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of €75.
  • Commencement Dates:
    26th October 2018
  • Duration:
    Delivered over 5 days Friday 26th October, Saturday 10th November, Saturday 1st December, Friday 14th December, Saturday 12th January 2019.
  • Application Fee:
    Fee: €650, payment plan available

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